Live the life!  Rent a gorgeous and chic HOME IN A CITY OF YOUR DREAMS and discover a whole new way to travel.

We are quietly assembling a portfolio of beautiful luxury homes to suit your next holiday.

We’re working with the clever and stylish people in our favorite cities, each of whom are carefully sifting through the endless inventory on the internet to find those hidden gems where we would actually want to stay.   Each home is chic, comfortable, well-designed, well-outfitted, and well-located.   

We’re starting with Paris, which is where we live, and Cape Town, which is where we love to go on holiday.  We’ll soon be expanding across Europe and to our favorite holiday destinations.  We are also starting with Where I'd Stay... but we are keeping track of Where I'd Eat, Where I'd Drink, Where I'd Shop, and What I'd Wear as we go.  

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